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Me and the kids with my brother's dog.

Me and the kids with my brother’s dog.

I started this blog because I wanted to teach my kids about money and personal finance, so they will have the tools to handle the new financial world we live in when they grow up. I know when you think of “personal finance”, you think b-o-r-i-n-g. But this is not a personal finance blog in that same traditional sense, like showing you ways to balance your budget. Instead, our mission is to promote and instill a “common sense” for money. We believe that if you teach your kids to have a sense for money and its value, then they will be able to develop good money habits at the core. And having that money common sense as a foundation will then enable them to later evaluate and implement the strategies that the traditional “personal finance” sites prescribe.

We strive to promote good money common sense by talking about money in our everyday lives and the money thought process around those situations (e.g., should you buy that overpriced bottle of water at the movie theater?). Our goal is to entertain and teach kids, parents, and families. So, in our videos, my kids will retell some of our actual everyday conversations and lessons about money. We think that it’s easier for kids to relate to other kids. And kids have a knack for explaining things in a simple way. So it’s definitely more entertaining than boring old me. Hopefully, our blog and videos can be a conversation starter for you and your family too.

P.S. We would also love to hear from you about your own every day money stories and share them with our community.

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