Video: Spotting Bloomin’ Onions in the Outback

Watch on YouTube: Spotting Bloomin’ Onions in the Outback

Now that we have a Subaru Outback, we started seeing them all over the place. So, now we yell out “bloomin’ onion” whenever we see one–just like my dad did calling out “bug” when he saw Volkswagen Beetles when he was a kid.

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Video Transcript:

Hi! Welcome back. This is Matthew from A in Finance.

Me and my dad started playing this game every time we ride around in our new Subaru Outback. We call it the Bloomin’ Onion game. Every time we see a Subaru Outback, we yell out “bloomin’ onion” and the color of it.

How did this start? Well, we started calling Subaru Outbacks “bloomin’ onions” based on a long play of words. First, the “outback” is what Australians call their back country. Then we thought about Outback Steakhouse.

My dad said that, just by coincidence, this was the first stock he bought right after college. He told me that his best friend from high school, whom I call Uncle Scott, had gone to one and raved about it. So my dad decided to buy some of the stock on the Peter Lynch theory. My dad said he didn’t really know that much about investing back then, but he got lucky. This was the early nineties and the company was just starting to grow, so my dad made a little bit of money on that investment.

Anyways, back to the story. So Outback Steakhouse has this very popular appetizer called the “Bloomin’ Onion”, which is just like a giant onion ring. That’s something my mom would never let us get–she calls that a giant grease ball. Anyways, that’s how we got to calling Subaru Outbacks “bloomin onions”.

So now we call out “bloomin’ onion” every time we see another Outback. My dad said that he used to play the same game back when he was a kid, but it was with Volkswagen Beetles. He said they used to call them “bugs”. Now we actually call out both “bugs” and “bloomin’ onions”.

We started to notice that we see many, many more “bloomin’ onions” than we do “bugs”. So I asked my dad why.

My dad said that the Volkswagen Beetle used to be one of the most popular economy cars around, but they actually stopped making “bugs” in 2003 when the popularity shrank. However, a few years later, they brought them back in 2007. He thinks a lot of the old retro “bugs” have been retired so you don’t see as many of them anymore, and the new “bugs” are now more of a novelty item.

Then I asked him why he thought there are so many more Subarus. My dad said he thinks the bloomin’ onion is more popular because you get “more bang for your buck.” He describes our car as having “stealth luxury”. It doesn’t look like it, but he says it has WAY more features than our old Lexus and it’s a great overall car.

Then we started talking about the features we liked about our Outback. I told him I liked how the back row seats are both heated and can be reclined. I also like watching the MPG display to see how much gas my dad is saving. I also like the power rear hatch liftgate and that you can set the height of the lift so now I don’t have to jump to hit the button. Me and Natalie like the armrest with cup holders too.

Then my dad said one of his favorite features is the keyless engine start. He says he gets into our Acura and forgets he has to use the keys for the ignition. He also likes all of the safety features, like the blind spot protection and lane assist. He said he wished he had the backup rear camera and auto reverse braking in the Lexus. Then he wouldn’t have bumped that kid-sized pole at the gas station. Avoiding that minor fender bender makes that feature well worth the price.

Yeah, we got a good car. It really seems like we got a whole ton of features packed into a good price. And we’re not the only ones who thinks so. I think that’s why we see a lot more “bloomin’ onions” around than we do “bugs”.

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