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Matthew talking about words of money wisdom from old-school rapper LL Cool J’s songs and his line “man made the money, money never made the man.” We talk about how money is just a tool and it doesn’t make you a good person; only you being a good person makes you a good person.

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Video Transcript:

Hi! Welcome Back. This is Matthew from A in Finance.

Last week we helped you figure out your own investing dog years and how much money you could have if you started today. Well, with all of this talk about money, my dad wants to have a talk about why we he is teaching me about money. My dad tells me that he’s not teaching me about money because he thinks it’s the most important thing in the world. He says that’s not it at all. Then he starts telling me about a rapper named LL Cool J. I don’t know who he is so he starts telling me about him. He tells me that LL Cool J is an “old-school” rapper and his name means “Ladies Love Cool James” (his real name is James Todd Smith). I say, “So is he like Biggie Smalls and the other rappers that Eddie likes on Fresh Off the Boat?” I’m a big fan of the TV show. It’s hilarious. My dad even calls me “Eddie” sometimes because he says I kind of act like him.

Anyways, my dad tells me, “Yes. That’s right. LL is from that same era. But now he’s an actor. He was in that movie SWAT and is now on a TV show called NCIS.” Pretty much all rappers are not appropriate for kids. But he quotes a line from one of his songs. He says the line is: “Man made the money, money never made the man.” And he asks me what I think it means. I tell him, “money is made by the man…”  He tells me to stop using the same words in the things I’m trying to define. He tells me that all of the time. Anyways, he tells me, “It means that money doesn’t make you special. Money has nothing to do with your character. You got to be a good person to be a good person. So, having money is good, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Ultimately, it’s more about what you accomplish and who you are as a person.”

“OK. I get it.” Then he says, “back to the lecture at hand” – a line from some other song. Anyways, he says, “You know why I’m teaching you about money and personal finance?”

I say, “Yeah, so I can take care of my family and teach my kids too. So we can go on vacations and go to good schools. So I can go to karate and Natalie can swim on the swim team. Stuff like that.”

“Yeah, kind of, but that’s more like the results of having some money. But the reason I’m teaching you about money is so you can control your money, instead of money controlling you.” He tells me that if you buy tons of stuff and rack up tons of credit card debt, then you might have to do things that you might not like just to get a pay check. And it’s not just that. If you have money problems, then you constantly have to worry about it. You end up not being able to do the things you want or you end up choosing things based on money alone.

He says it’s like Mike Tyson. Remember from our other video, even though Mike Tyson made over $300 million, he ended up owing the IRS millions in back taxes and filing for bankruptcy. Then he had to keep fighting even though he was past his prime and his heart wasn’t in it. He was just fighting for a paycheck. He got beat up and lost to a bunch of no-name fighters at the end of his career. “Man, that’s tough getting beat up for money. I wouldn’t want to do that.”

My dad says a “good” example is somebody like my Uncle Andy. He started a couple internet companies and made some money. Not Facebook money, but he did OK. Instead of blowing it all on flashy things, he saved and invested his money. Now he works for companies he thinks are interesting and pursues other startups. He travels all over the world for work and for vacation. “Yeah,” I say, “so he gets to live in cool places like Seattle too.” They have great food there and my mom still talks about Elleno’s Greek yogurt at Pike Place Market. Well, now my uncle lives in New York, so maybe we can visit him there some time and see my Po Po as well. My dad also says yeah and to also tell all the ladies that Uncle Andy is “single”. (wink) But I think he’s dating somebody right now. Ha ha. Sorry ladies.

Anyways, the lesson is that money isn’t everything and having money doesn’t make you special. Money is just a tool that can help you or hurt you. So it’s important to learn to use it. So if you take care of your money situation, you can go after your dreams and do the things you want to do, instead of doing things just for the money. Anyways, that’s the message my dad was telling me.

Anyways, thanks for watching. Hoped you enjoyed it and learned something.  Please subscribe to our A in Finance YouTube channel and like us on Facebook. And look out for another video next week. Thanks. Bye bye.

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