Video: How I Got a Laptop on My Own

Watch on YouTube: How I Got a Laptop on My Own

Matthew talking about how he was able to get a laptop on his own. I wouldn’t buy one for him just so he could play games on it. But he figured out that he could get one from Ucode, his coding school, if he earned enough prize points. All he had to do was help promote Ucode to his friends to rack up the points. So he did just that and earned himself his very own laptop.

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Video Transcript:

Hi! Welcome back. This is Matthew from A in Finance.

I’m super-excited today, and not just because it’s Memorial Day weekend. So thank you to all of the veterans for your service.

You know why I’m so happy? Well, I’ll tell you. Today, I finally got my very own laptop. No, my dad didn’t buy it for me. I got it myself. And that makes it so much more special. Anyways, this is how I got my own laptop.

Last summer, I told my dad, “You know what I really want? It’s my own laptop.”

He said, “That’s good. But why do you need one?”

I didn’t say anything and just gave him this little grin. But he knew what I was thinking and just gave that look back that said “no”.

Then I said, “Ahh. But why?”

He said, “I might buy you a laptop if you were going to do something productive with it, like learning how to code. But I’m not getting you a laptop just so you can play video games and watch stupid YouTube videos like Dumb Club on it.”

BTW, “Dumb Club” is what my dad calls the video game Punch Club because he says the videos on YouTube for that game are so stupid they make me dumb.

I couldn’t afford to get the laptop myself right away. I didn’t have that much money saved up. But I remember reading something from “Rich Kid, Smart Kid”, a book from the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series. Robert Kiyosaki said, “If you tell yourself you can’t afford something, you never will. Instead, think of ‘How can I afford it?’ “ So I just had to think of ways I could afford it.

First, I thought I could just wait until my dad had to get me one for school. But that wouldn’t be until I was in 6th grade. Too long.

Then, I thought I could save up my birthday, holiday, and chore money. But that would take at least 1 year, maybe 2. That’s a long time. But I could save up for it, so maybe that would be my backup plan.

Then another opportunity opened up. I started taking some coding classes at a place called Ucode. It’s pretty cool and I’ve learned a lot. I learned how to program in Scratch and App Inventor and now I’m learning how to make webpages with HTML and CSS.

Anyways, Ucode let’s you earn points for things like wearing your Ucode shirt and getting your friends to join the class. I looked at the prize catalog and I think one of the most expensive prizes was a Macbook Air for 900 points, but that was way too much. But they did have a Windows laptop that was only about 250 points. Still one of the bigger prizes, but that was very doable for me.

I thought to myself, I just needed to have a few of my friends check out the class for 10 points each and have 3 or 4 of them sign up for 75. That would be enough points. So I got a bunch of referral cards and filled them out. The next day, I went to school and handed them out to all of my friends and told them about my coding school. I got a few of my friends to visit the school and a couple signed up. Yes! That was 150 points. Plus I got 1 point each day I wore my Ucode shirt. I was well on my way. My dad calls this hustling – working harder, working smarter, or just figuring out how to get paid.

Now I could have wasted some of my points immediately on Pop Chips, Minecraft stickers or a gaming mouse. But I had my eye on the laptop, so I just saved up my points instead of wasting them right away. I was almost there, and then last month I got another friend to join the class and that put me over the top.

So after about 7 months, I finally had enough points for a laptop. I ordered it and it finally came in today. So I’m super-excited about it. It’s great. It starts up really fast and connects to the Internet in seconds, unlike the old Mac which takes at least 15 seconds just for Firefox to load. I set up the laptop with my favorite blue for its background and I’ve been on it all day. Ha ha take that dad.

Anyways, I learned that you need to change your thinking from “I can’t afford it” to “How can I afford it?” After that, it’s just a little hustle. Now it’s gaming time fellas!

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