Video: My Dad Cups Like a Rio 2016 Olympian

Watch on YouTube: My Dad Cups Like a Rio 2016 Olympian

My dad got acupuncture and cupping treatments for his pinched nerve. That’s just like what Michael Phelps and other world-class Olympic athletes did to help them recovery from their events. Yeah, now he thinks he’s like an Olympian. Ha ha!

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Video Transcript:

Hi! Welcome back. This is Matthew from A in Finance.

Did you know that my dad is like an Olympian? Well, that’s what he said. Anyways, here’s the story.

So the other morning, my dad was walking around the house getting ready without his shirt on. When he turned his back to me, I blurted out, “Ewww! That’s so gross.”

My dad jumped a little and said, “What? Is it a bug or something?”

“No, it’s your back,” I replied.

My dad smiled and said, “Oh, yeah.”

Then I asked him, “What is it?”

He told me that’s the cupping marks he got from his acupuncture treatment for his pinched nerve. It’s supposed to help your circulation and get more blood flow to that area.

“Still that’s really gross,” I said. “Can you please put on a shirt?” Then I went downstairs so I didn’t have to see it anymore.

A few days later, my dad was going for another acupuncture treatment, so he brought me along with him. They let me sit in his room and watch. It was really gross seeing his doctor tap in the needles. Then she connected some of them to an electrotherapy machine. Man, that was pretty gross. Next time, I’m not going with him.

Well, on our ride home, I asked my dad if the acupuncture makes his arm and back feel better. He told me that he’s not sure, but he’s willing to try it out for a while. Then he told me that he’s trying it out because we have a good medical insurance plan that pays for acupuncture doctors in our network, so it’s only $10-30 per treatment. He also told me that he’s doing some physical therapy, but that’s out of network so it costs $100 per session. He explained to me that when you are feeling bad, you try to do everything to make yourself get better. It’s something that you HAVE to do. It’s not really a CHOICE, so it’s really important to have good healthcare insurance. Other stuff you can chince out on, but you need good health insurance.

Before he got more into it, a news story came across NPR on the radio. It was called “Athletes Go For Gold With Red Spots Blazing“ and it was all about how Michael Phelps and a bunch of other Olympians are using cupping and acupuncture for recovery. After we finished listening to the story, my dad says “See. See. I told you.”

To that I replied, “Yeah, you are like an Olympian. Ha ha!”

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