Dad’s Dollar Diary #2: Finding Pokemon in Amazon Shorts

Dear Diary,

I was out with my kids this afternoon. It was 95 degrees outside and we were burning up, so we decided to get some Buzio’s frozen yogurt to cool down.

My kids always pile on lots of extra goodies onto their yogurt. So when we sat down, I looked into Matthew’s tub of froyo and scooped out some of it. “Mmm, I used to love eating these Mandarin oranges,” I said.

They replied, “What? You don’t like them now?”

“No, that’s not it,” I told them. “I still like them, but I just don’t each much canned fruit anymore, not like when I was a kid.” Then I proceeded to tell them about this guy I used to work with. He used to bring in a can of Mandarin oranges every single day and eat it as a snack in the afternoon. So one year, my boss bought him a can opener as a Secret Santa gift. We all chuckled about that.

Anyways, the kids started talking amongst themselves so I looked at my iPhone for messages. Then I checked my stock pages and blurted out, “Darn it!”

My kids were like, “What’s going on?”

So I told them, “I should have bought you guys some more Google stock for your investment fund. It’s up $30 in after hours trading because they beat their earnings.”

Natalie slowly responded, “Oh…but you bought some of it for us a few months ago, right?”

“Yup. That’s right honey,” I told her. “But I should have bought some more.”

Then we all started looking at the stock pages on my phone and they blurted out, “Oooh! Amazon is way up too. It’s up $15 today and $15 in after hours trading. Do we have any Amazon?” To that, I said, “Sorry Nat. You don’t, but I do. Ha ha! Too bad it’s only a small amount.” Then I told them, “Let me send the news article to Uncle Greg. He shorted Amazon.” My kids just groaned. I told them, “Yup, never short a stock like Amazon that’s full of potential even if everybody says it’s overvalued. Only short companies that are dying like Sears.”

Then Matthew chimed in, “OK. Now, can I have your phone? I want to search for some more Pokemon.”

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