Dad’s Dollar Diary #1: Intro


Dear Dad Diary

Dear Dad Diary,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I finally decided to start a Diary for A in Finance because most of what my kids learn is probably through our regular conversations and just talking about little aspects about money in our everyday lives, rather than through these long stock analyses. I’m hoping they absorb some of it over time and develop some “money sense”. I think a diary/journal format better captures those everyday conversations.

Most of the journal entries will be about everyday situations like dining out, going to the grocery store, or buying a new pair of jeans. But I’ve also been wanting to keep an investment journal too, so I’ll be sprinkling some of those entries in here as well. I think an investment journal is useful because it’s a good way to reflect on why you bought or sold some investment at a particular time. I think you can learn a lot from that and try to avoid making a lot of the same mistakes over again. Here’s a couple good articles on keeping an investment journal:

The Benefits of Keeping an Investment Journal

Five Things To Keep In Your Personal Investment Journal

Don’t fret. Matthew and Natalie will continue to make our videos (we hope you enjoy them because they are fun to do on our side) and I will continue to post some of my stock picking ideas because I like doing that (OK, I’m kinda nerdy like that).

Hope you find these helpful and entertaining too.

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