Video: Breyers for Ice Cream but Ralphs for Oatmeal

Watch on YouTube: Breyers for Ice Cream but Ralphs for Oatmeal

Grocery shopping for ice cream and oatmeal at Ralph’s with my daughter Natalie. We chose Breyers for ice cream because it tastes better and has better ingredients. But, we chose Ralphs generic brand oatmeal because oatmeal is mushy no matter what–even if it comes from the Quaker man.

Here’s a link to the Breyers ice cream article (“Ice Cream’s Identity Crisis“) we mention in our video.

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Video Transcript:

Hi! Welcome back. This is Natalie from A in Finance.

The other weekend, we happened to go into a Ralph’s grocery store, and, on top of that, we went as a whole family. Both of these don’t happen that often. Normally, my mom goes without us right after her gym class to the Trader Joe’s that’s next door to her gym. My mom and dad like TJ’s because they say the food quality is better. The food seems “less processed”. The meats are better, they have fresher fruits and veggies, and they also have good nuts and dried fruits. My mom and dad don’t like Ralphs as much because their food are more processed and the meats seem more “slimy”. TJs might be a little more expensive, but they’d rather pay for better quality.

Anyways, back to our trip to Ralphs. We went there after lunch because my mom needed some ingredients that she couldn’t get at TJs. My mom went to gather the ingredients, but me and my brother Matthew cruised around the store looking for other goodies. I guess my dad wanted to cruise too, so he came and found us. We asked him if we could get ice cream. At first he said “no”. He’s always telling us “no”. But then he said we could get some. I picked out Cookies-N-Cream; that’s one of my favorites. So I grabbed it out of the freezer and said, “Can we get this one?”

My dad told me, “Hold on. Don’t just pick out the first one you see.”

I said, “Oops. Sorry.”

My dad replied, “You gotta look at the prices first. The one you picked out costs $3.99 and it’s the Ralph’s generic brand. And it’s not like it’s on sale.”

I said, “OK. So should we just look for one that’s on sale?”

He told me, “No. Not necessarily. You gotta look at the ingredients too. Read me off the ingredients.”

I started reading them. At first they seemed OK–milk and cream. Then I came across some things that aren’t supposed to be as good like, high fructose corn syrup. Then I got to things like, Mono- & Diglycerides, Polysorbate 80, and Carrageenan. When I read these off, Matthew piped in and said, “What are those?”

My dad said, “Funny. It’s just like the old Breyer’s All Natural Ice Cream commercials. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, then they’re not good for you.”

We both gave him kind of a blank stare.

Then he told us, “Oh yeah, you don’t really see many commercials anymore since you just stream stuff on Netflix. Anyways, those are just a bunch of chemicals and preservatives.”

I said, “Yeah. Not good. Well what about Breyer’s or Dryer’s ice creams?”

He said, “Yeah, check them out.”

I looked at them and told him, “They are both $5.99. Oh wait, there’s a red tag that says the Breyer’s one is on sale for $2.99.”

He told us, “Yeah, Breyer’s is on sale today and is more natural. Let’s get that one.”

Happy to get ice cream, we both said, “Cool.”

Then my dad told us,“we need some more oatmeal,” and dragged us to the cereal aisle. He makes us eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I’m used to it now, so it’s not so bad.

My dad picks out the Ralph’s brand oatmeal and tells us, “Sometimes it’s better to get the generic brand.”

We ask him why.

He then told Matthew to read the ingredients on the Quaker Oats brand.

Matthew grabbed a canister off the shelf and read, “Whole grain rolled oats. That’s it.”

My dad then told me to read the ingredients on the Ralph’s oats.

I told them, “It’s the same. Whole grain rolled oats. That’s it.”

My dad said, “See. With simple things like oatmeal, it’s all the same. Oatmeal is like a base ingredient. It’s pretty standard–it is what it is. But ice cream and other more complex things, they have many ingredients. They are each made from their own special recipes, so they all don’t taste the same.”

I said, “OK.”

He says, “So we’re getting the Breyers ice cream because it tastes better and is made with better ingredients.But we’re getting the cheaper Ralph’s oatmeal  because…”

I jumped in and finished his thoughts, “Yeah, I know. Because oatmeal tastes mushy even if it’s the Quaker Oats brand.”

He says, “Yeah. Yeah. But it’s still good for you. That’s why I make you eat it.”

Ha ha. We came home with ice cream, so it’s all good.

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